HIS Dance presents "ARK"

The HIS Dance Academy Ensemble presents ARK, an original contemporary ballet that looks at the Biblical account of Noah's Ark through the perspective of the animals.  The large scale ark, built by the Grand Rapids Community College Theatre Department, along with skilled lighting and costuming, help transform this beloved Bible story into a spectacular theatrical event.

The innovative choreography by artistic directors Tassia Hooks-Johnson and Hannah Sullivan take the audience on an emotional journey. “We tell a story that reflects the love God has for each of us.”  The animals were separated from their families, gathered in a strange place and told to board an unknown vessel. A great storm eradicated their world, destroying everything familiar and loved. But, God then revealed Himself in a remarkable way.  

HIS Christian Dance Acedemy offers classes in a variety of dance forms for children ages 3 through adult.  Pre-professional training in ballet and recreational dance is taught in combination with developing Christian character and reaching the Grand Rapids comunity for Christ.

For more information about HIS Christian Dace Academy, visit their website.

Tickets for ARK will go on sale in early 2019 - more details to coming soon!



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