"Ranked" a New Musical

Ranked has been described as Putnam County Spelling Bee meets The Hunger Games.  

Lily is in her first semester of High School and is Above the Average, barely.  Soon the giant, and very public, academic leaderboards will update everyone's class rank, and ... for another day ... everyone will know their place.  If you fall Below the Average, say goodbye to college, and pretty much everything else.  Below the Average students are nothing more than social outcasts, not worth anyone's time.  In the face of an intense and perverse culture of performance, Lily must find her place in the status quo as she watches friends and enemies alike destroy themselves and eachother to score their way to the top.

When an impossible to imagine lie is discovered, the fate of these students' futures hangs in the balance. 


CLICK HERE to watch a video of  "Come Up for Air," one of the songs from Ranked.


**  "Ranked" was written before the Justice Department announced criminal charges (in March 2019) in the largest college admissions scandal in the U.S., in which wealthy parents bribed college admissions officials, coaches and test-administrators to boost their kids' scores and get then into elite schools.


Digital tickets for the LIVESTREAM of Ranked will go on sale Monday, April 12 and will be available exclusively through  Broadway on Demand.  Please watch this page for more details and instructions on how to purchase your digital ticket and how to view this event. 



Repeats: Thursday, April 29 through Saturday, May 1 at 7:00pm

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