Spring Show

Each year the award-winning theatre department of Grand Rapids Christian High School presents a Spring Production. This event takes place in the intimate Van Wesep Studio Theatre, which provides a special setting for performers and guests alike. 

Coming this Spring ... "The Imaginary Invalid"

Molière, master of satire, creates an uproarious commentary about the medical profession in his beloved comedy, The Imaginary Invalid. Enjoy the antics of the wealthy hypochondriac, Argan, and his wily, back-talking servent, Toinette, as they seek order in their home constantly being disrupted by the woes of the healthy and lovesick alike. With his daughter Angélique in love with the impoverished Cléante, Argan is determined to marry her to Thomas Diafoirus, a medical dunce who can assure his father-in-law a lifetime of health care. Enjoy a front-row seat, as we watch Argan’s home quickly become a scene of mistaken identities, hidden schemes, stolen kisses, and medical buffoonery. 

General Admission Tickets for The Imaginary Invalid are $10 for Adults; $7 for Students. 

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